Glass Nail Shiner | Glass Nail Shiner Magic Nail #01_Lovely Rose


Glass Nail Shiner Magic Nail #01_Lovely Rose


Helps shines nails, resulting in a smoother and neat,

supplier and more charming and natural youthful appearance.


15seconds, 15days, Naturally Shines with POLYFILE.

▶ Just need one step for polishing

▶ Polish both hands within 10 minutes

▶ Hygienic tool; the whole family can share it

Use as a nail buffer

  • Scrub surface of the nail very smoothly with the glassed side of the Shiner.
  • Scrub a rough surface of the nail and then your nail shines.


Use as a nail file

  • Use it as a normal nail file.
  • It smoothly trims nail without

dust. Does not cause a hangnail after trimming.


How to wash

  • Wash with water when the Shiner does not properly work because of dust from nail. (Toothbrush is recommended)
  • After wash, remove the moisture using a tissue or towel.
  • Dust on the glassed side of nail shiner can be removed with sticky tape.
  • It can be rubbed with eraser.



  • Do not twist or bend it.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Handle it carefully.
  • Stop using when it broke.
  • Wash and dry it after use.
  • For filing or polishing nails only

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