Glass Nail Shiner | POLYFILE SET (2pcs with a black hard paper case) – being uploaded soon



POLYFILE SET (2pcs with a black hard paper case) – being uploaded soon


Material : glass
weight : 1g
Country of manufacture  : Republic of Korea

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‘Glass nail shiner-polyfile’ works not only as a Nail file but also as a Nail buffer, and it needs only ‘one step’ for filing and polishing your nails. This is in stark contrast to other conventional nail buffers which often require 3, 4 or even 7 steps to get the same results. In addition, its effect lasts more than 10 days; it saves a lot of time and expense for nail care. Glass Nail Polisher’ is made of durable eco-friendly glass materials and it has resistance to abrasion, therefore, it allows the modern day women to save time and effort in maintaining nails.

EFFECTIVE : fast, easy, effortless filing, buffering, and polishing
DURABLE : will outlast all files! a true money saver!
WASHABLE / SANITIZABLE : shiner can be washed with water and soap.
EFFORTLESS : use a light hand, glass will do the work for you.
SALON-TESTED : shiners have been salon tested for maximum performance
(about 12 months)
SAFE TO USE : eco-friendly glass doesn’t break easily. even children use safely because of the efoxy film.



Weight 1 g
Dimensions 12 x 1.4 x 0.4 mm

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